Who We Are?

SFC Gulf Energy is a Fuel Cell-based energy and Power Management solution provider for the Oil & Gas, Telecom and Defense & Security industries to run/ provide back up for their mission-critical devices/equipment/ sensors especially in remote areas that have limited power or are located off the Grid.

We provide turnkey energy solutions which can be placed on site immediately and can be integrated with other devices or energy sources. Our Fuel Cells use Methanol as a fuel and are a marvel of miniaturization with no moving parts yet producing high energy density while being extremely lightweight. Methanol is one of the major future fuels for the UAE Industry to be used by multiple industries on a large scale.

SFC Gulf Energy is the System Integrator cum Distributor for SFC Energy, a Germany based Energy and Power Management manufacturer specializing in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells. Fuel Cells are one of the cleanest environmental friendly, silent and weather independent power generators that are plug & play energy solutions that provide reliable, fully automatic, remote controlled power to all kinds of electric and electronic devices in the field anytime and anywhere.

We have available with us a full range of Fuel Cell products for demonstrations and user trials. In addition, team Al Mihmas has developed a number of Power Management solutions/products that cater for different conditions and users.

SFC Gulf Energy is a startup venture founded in early 2018 after nearly a 10-month research on Fuel Cells across the globe and extensive interactions with potential users in UAE.

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