The Application

Combat support forces require mobile and portable charging stations for defense applications. The power source needs to be reliable, efficient and as silent as possible.

Energy demand: 1,000 Wh to 2,500 Wh/ day

Autonomy demand: Up to 4 days

The Challenge

Military operations and setting up of command posts often take place in impassable areas. In order to operate effectively, soldiers require instantly available power sources anywhere and anytime. Communication equipment, data transmission devices, portable radar systems, sensors etc. have to be reliably supplied with continuous, undetectable power. Military generators, the commonly used off-grid power source, are heavy and loud. In addition, they produce detectable emissions and a strong thermal signature which can easily be detected. As generators have high fuel consumption, supplying sufficient fuel often results in massive logistical efforts.

The Solution

  • EMILYCube 2500 is a stand-alone and silent power generator for demanding defense applications. It combines a 100 W fuel cell on the basis of the field-proven EMILY 2200 fuel cell, a battery and a 10-liter fuel cartridge in a lightweight, compact box. This turnkey energy solution is quiet, reliable and user-friendly, just like all SFC fuel cells. Weighing 13.5 kg (21.9 kg with 10 l fuel cartridge), EMILYCube is a portable charging station that will immediately deliver reliable power when plugged in. Transport of the 10 l fuel cartridge, at a weight of only 8.4 kg, from a logistical point of view, is much easier compared to diesel or batteries. At 100 W, EMILYCube offers more than 100 h runtime with a single 10-liter fuel cartridge. At the partial load of e.g. 25 W, the runtime on a single cartridge is 400 h and even more.

The Benefits

  • The portable stand-alone charging station, Plug & Play: EMILYCube 2500 is entirely maintenance-free. It does not require any user intervention. All that is needed from time to time is a cartridge exchange. Replacing the cartridge only takes seconds and can be accomplished while the cell is running.
  • Runtime extension: The energy density of EMILYCube’s fuel is higher than in batteries or generators and consequently results in longer runtimes.
  • Non-detectability: Power production in the EMILYCube 2500 is quiet, reconnaissance of the operation via detection of the power supply is hardly impossible.
  • Weight reduction: Lightweight, but lots of energy. A 10 l fuel cartridge with a weight of only 8.4 kg has a capacity of more than 11 kWh.

Efficient stand-alone power supply for defense applications. EMILYCube 2500 uses proven and reliable fuel cell technology to effectively support soldiers in the field.