Reliable Power Supply for Continuous Data and Voice Transmission

The Application

Base transceiver stations (BTS) are often situated in locations difficult to access and require reliable back up power in case of power outages in order to assure the availability of public communication systems. The energy demand for low power BTS: between 500 and 700 W Autonomy demand: 3 to 5 days for back up power.

The Challenge

Provide reliable back up power with an off-grid power solution that is easily handled and involves low maintenance effort.

The Solution

Cluster up to 8 EFOY Pro fuel cells and hybridize with batteries.

The Benefits

  • Increased runtime and autonomy – EFOY Pro fuel cells achieve autonomous backup power for up to 10 days without user intervention, giving you enough time to resolve the power outage problem.
  • Lightweight – EFOY Pro fuel cells are lightweight, reducing the need for large and heavy batteries (up to 2.5 t per transceiver station) and thus easing installation and handling processes.
  • Easy installation and handling – An EFOY Pro fuel cell is compact and lightweight and can easily be integrated into existing cabinets. Once installed all that is needed is an occasional fuel cartridge. This can be planned calculated very closely beforehand; The fuel cell can be remotely controlled, making extra trips to the site unnecessary.

EFOY Pro provides reliable back up off-grid power at remote sites while reducing weight and logistics costs