Flexible, Hidden Power Supply

The Application

Many governmental vehicles need onboard power for many days and weeks to supply onboard electronic devices eg. to capture and process images or audio files to command control vehicles or recording devices.

Areas of Applications:

  • Border patrol, customs, command and control vehicles, ambulances, covert surveillance, and many more

The Challenge

Long autonomy is needed to avoid turning on the engine, enable positive mission results of undercover operations, and provide flexibility and safety for the operators. The energy source has to fit in a standard passenger car, without producing signature.

The Solution

Up to two EFOY Pro fuel cells are directly connected to the onboard battery, charging it on demand. Electronic devices are connected to the onboard battery, supplying 12 V DC and, if necessary, 230 V AC current.

The Benefits

  • Long Autonomy – Long Mission Duration – With EFOY Pro on board you can connect up to two M28 fuel cartridges containing 5,200 Ah (at 12 V) of energy in total, providing power for up to 50 weeks, powering devices with a total consumption of 50 W.
  • 100% reliability – Ensured by hybrid operation of battery and fuel cell. The battery is continuously monitored and recharged by the EFOY Pro fuel cell. Remote monitoring and early empty cartridge warnings can be employed via a GSM module.
  • Non-detectable – The EFOY Pro fuel cell is suitable for silent watch operations. A running fuel cell inside a car cannot be recognized from the outside. No vibrations, noise, exhaust or heat is detectable.

EFOY Pro fuel cell is an ideal off-grid power source for powering onboard equipment for many weeks, without emissions and without ever having to start the engine.