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Fuel Cartridges


SFC Jenny series

Portable fuel cells for dismounted operations

Reliable power supply with massive weight savings

Small portable power source

The portable fuel cell system SFC JENNY 600S only weighs about 1.7 kg and is therefore easy to carry in a backpack. The system provides 600 Wh of electrical energy per day. Three to four 350 ml fuel cartridges contain enough capacity for 72 hours of deployment. This means up to 80 percent of battery weight can be saved. Therefore, soldiers can equip themselves with the minimum of batteries and instead carry additional food, water, and ammunition, having saved the weight or alternatively extend the duration of the mission.

Reasons to use an SFC JENNY fuel cell

Establish an energy network

In combination with the SFC Power Manager 3G, several devices can be supplied with power very efficiently at the same time.

To the SFC Power Manager 3G

Easy plug-and-play solutions

SFC JENNY fuel cells supply electrical devices and charge batteries completely automatically in the field.

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