100 % Autonomous and Reliable Power Supply

The Application

SCADA communication and control equipment allows monitoring and control of production e.g. flow rates, liquid levels, valve operation, etc.

Power demand: Between 5 and 20 W
Energy demand: approx. 120 and 480 Wh/day
Autonomy demand: At least 4 months without user intervention especially during wintertime

The Challenge

Provide sufficient power around the clock, especially in wintertime, with low solar intensity and low temperatures. Prevent low-power events that may cause equipment to shut down and in turn lose production, and may require a repair team to travel to site to restart and reconfigure control software parameters.

The Solution

Team up existing solar panels and batteries with an EFOY Pro 2400 Duo for reliable and flexible off-grid power, integrated into an adequate enclosure in order to ensure operating reliability in extreme winter conditions.

The Benefits

  • 100 Percent Operating Reliability – Save costs by assuring power supply in any type of weather. Properly integrated and with guaranteed fuel supply, the EFOY Pro will produce electricity in any weather, climate or season. Thousands of dollars can be saved per day because loss of production is prevented.
  • Long Periods of Maintenance free Autonomy – EFOY Pro fuel cells offer maintenance-free energy supply for several months. Teamed up with four 28 liter EFOY fuel cartridges, one EFOY Pro can power a 10 Watt SCADA system for over 16 months without any user intervention.
  • Economical and almost zero greenhouse gas duties – The oil and gas industry wants to diminish CO2, cut costs and increase efficiency. Since the EFOY Pro produces no harmful emissions whatsoever, it is suitable for operating oil & gas equipment in nature preservations. Prevents highly inefficient propane/methanol use for thermal electric generators.

The highly efficient power network is already fielded by leading defense organizations.