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Efoy ProCabinet

Complete, stationary energy solution

Energy Solution For Outdoors

The EFOY ProCabinet is a complete energy solution for outdoors for the autonomous, stationary power supply with EFOY Pro fuel cells – completely without any mains connection. This complete, stationary energy solution is made up of a control cabinet which provides space for one or more EFOY Pro fuel cells, fuel cartridges and batteries.

The EFOY ProCabinet can be designed in accordance with individual requirements and therefore offers sufficient space for customised installations. A GSM modem can also be installed as an option, e.g. for remote system monitoring, a solar charge controller or a voltage transformer for voltage adjustments. The EFOY ProCabinet is suitable for stand-alone operation, for example, or as back-up for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and is available for the EFOY Pro 800, 2400 and 12000 series in various designs. With a power input of 25 W, the EFOY ProCabinet with two M28 fuel cartridges reliably offers power for 2,500 operating hours, completely without user intervention.

Quite & Environment-Friendly

Thanks to environmentally friendly power generation, the EFOY Pro can be used in nature reserves as well as in closed vehicles and rooms.

Questions and answers about the
EFOY ProCabinet

Are EFOY fuel cartridges approved for transportation?2018-07-17T09:17:05+04:00

EFOY fuel cartridges were designed to meet the highest safety requirements from the very beginning. Fuel cartridges are also approved and labelled for road, sea and air transport.

Is it possible to connect more than one fuel cartridge to one EFOY Pro fuel cell?2018-07-17T09:16:35+04:00

Yes, we offer the DuoCartSwitch as optional accessory. Using the DuoCartSwitch you can connect up to four fuel cartridge to your EFOY Pro. For more information please contact us or refer to the users manual of the DuoCartSwitch.

What is the temperature range in which the fuel cell operates?2018-07-17T09:16:11+04:00

We guarantee safe operation in an ambient temperature range of -20 °C to +50 °C. Should you require a power source to operate under more extreme conditions please contact us.

Can an EFOY Pro fuel cell also be monitored?2020-07-23T08:38:04+04:00

Yes, remote monitoring is possible with a modem. Please contact our partners or send an email to [email protected].

Is it possible to adjust the switch-on/switch-off thresholds?2018-07-17T09:14:59+04:00

Yes, all current EFOY Pro fuel cells allow the switch thresholds to be adjusted via the expert menu on the operating panel OP2. Please check the battery data sheets from the manufacturer regarding the permissible values before installation or activation. Further information is available in our user manual.

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