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SFC fuel cartridges

Reliable operation with maximum operation duration
Maximum energy in the smallest space

Autonomous power with SFC fuel cartridges

SFC fuel cells are operated as direct methanol fuel cells with the fuel methanol. The methanol is stored in SFC fuel cartridges that have been designed especially for this purpose. Depending on requirements, SFC fuel cartridges are available in different 0.35, 2.5, 5, 10, 28, and 60 liter capacities. If your autonomy needs are higher, up to four fuel cartridges can be connected to one fuel cell using the DuoCartSwitch. High-purity clean methanol is needed to reliably operate the SFC fuel cells. Only when original SFC fuel cartridges are used, can the maximum operating life of the fuel cell be guaranteed. SFC fuel cartridges offer a lot of energy in the smallest space thanks to the high energy density of methanol. As a result, the autonomy of your off-grid applications can be increased many times.

High-efficiency power generation

Fuel cells convert chemical energy into electrical energy without interim stages and without much loss of efficiency.

Global fuel cartridge logistics

SFC fuel cartridges are available worldwide. SFC has established a comprehensive logistics network for the sale of fuel cartridges. In addition, SFC fuel cartridges can also be transported on pallets via road, sea, and air.


SFC fuel cartridges meet the strictest safety standards and have received UN approval for transportation by sea, road and air. Safety valves ensure that the user is never at risk of coming into contact with their contents. Every filling operation is monitored by SFC’s quality management team.

Robust solutions

SFC fuel cartridges are designed for the requirements in tough application areas. The fuel cartridges in the M0.35 size is also available in the Desert version and can also be used in high temperatures up to +55°C.

Extremely high energy density

SFC fuel cartridges offer a lot of energy in the smallest space. With a weight of just 8.4 kg, 10 l of methanol has a capacity of 11.1 kWh energy. To deliver the same amount of energy, around 280 kg of lead-gel batteries would be needed.

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