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EFOY ProEnergyCase

The complete, mobile energy solution

Mobile power supply solution

The EFOY ProEnergyCase is a portable, maintenance-free, all-in-one solution for grid-independent power supplies. The robust housing and fast setup process mean that the EFOY ProEnergyCase is ready for use at any time and in any location.

One EFOY Pro fuel cell, up to two batteries and up to two M10 fuel cartridges can be integrated into the EFOY ProEnergy Case. The integrated solar charging control makes the EFOY ProEnergyCase ideal for hybrid operation with solar systems. Long-lasting, independent operation without user intervention is therefore guaranteed.

Easy transport

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the EFOY ProEnergyCase can be transported easily in a car. Setup and transport can be easily carried out by one person. Castors on the underside make the ProEnergyCase especially portable.

Long operating life

EFOY Pro fuel cells supply off-grid power for months – without any user intervention.

Questions and answers about the
EFOY ProEnergyCase

How much fuel does the frost protection mode consume?2018-07-17T09:07:45+04:00

The fuel cell requires approx. 5 -10 litres of methanol for dedicated frost protection mode during a five-month winter period in Central Europe.

Where can I buy an EFOY Pro fuel cell?2018-07-17T09:07:21+04:00

Please contact us directly. We will recommend you the suitable EFOY Pro Partner.

What is the EFOY Pro fuel cell designed for?2020-07-23T08:45:24+04:00

The EFOY Pro fuel cell has been designed and developed for commercial and professional operation.

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