Complete, Customer Specific Energy solutions

The perfect solution for your requirements

The Solution For Your Requirements

Every project has specific requirements. We offer you the perfectly adapted energy solution. Depending on requirements, we will carry out specific adjustments or develop a customer-specific solution based on your needs. If requested, we can, for example, adjust the solar charge controller, install specific connections or remote monitoring components, integrate system components in different housing solutions or plan and develop your specific solution from scratch.

Easy Installation 

EFOY Pro energy solutions are turnkey power supply solutions: just set them up where you need power, integrate them in existing control cabinets, connect the fuel cartridge and battery and you will immediately have reliable, off-grid power anywhere.

For your specific configuration, we will require the following information

  • How high is the voltage and the power consumption and what are the operating hours (per day) of your consumers?
  • How long would you like to be autonomous with your application?
  • What is the minimum and maximum ambient temperature at the installation site?
  • Would you like to run the energy solution in hybrid mode with solar power?
  • Which housing solution do you prefer (e.g. control cabinet, aluminum box)?
  • Which additional components such as solar panels or batteries do you need?
  • Which connection do your consumers and solar panels need?

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