SFC’s hydrogen fuel cell with up to 20 kW nominal output

Nominal outputs from 2.5 to 20 kW

The EFOY JUPITER hydrogen fuel cell complements the extensive product portfolio of SFC Energy with energy solutions in the higher power range. Nominal outputs from 2.5 to 20 kW can be individually scaled with just one control unit. Operation and installation are very simple and there are no emissions. The EFOY JUPITER fuel cell can therefore also be used in ecologically sensitive areas. The fuel cell is very quiet and efficient.

Power generating principle

EFOY JUPITER fuel cells are based on PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) technology. They produce electricity from hydrogen, supplemented by oxygen from the air. Hydrogen is converted directly into electricity. In addition to electricity, only water vapour is produced as a by-product. This is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Hydrogen for the EFOY JUPITER 2.5

Hydrogen is gaseous, colourless and odourless. It is typically stored in compressed gas cylinders from 200 to 300 bar. Hydrogen – based on its weight – has a very high energy density. The fuel is harmless to the environment and non-toxic to humans.

Water electrolysis

Hydrogen can be produced environmentally friendly by the electrolysis process from regenerative electricity, e.g. wind or solar. The hydrogen produced in this process is, therefore, carbon dioxide-neutral. The electrolytic production of hydrogen is the simplest process. In terms of the electrical energy used, it is also a very efficient process. The water electrolysis and the fuel cell reaction are based on the same electrochemical principle: by reversing the current direction, electrical energy is consumed (electrolysis) or released (fuel cell).


Control cabinet with up to four EFOY JUPITER modules

The EFOY Jupiter Cabinet serves as a customer-specific complete solution for numerous applications. It is used in particular for backup power supply. Up to four EFOY JUPITER fuel cell modules can be installed in the control cabinet. The output is between 2.5 kw and 10 kW. Each fuel cell is installed with a Master Control Unit (MCU). The MCU serves as a monitoring and control unit for the JUPITER fuel cell modules and permanently monitors the 48 V DC rail. As soon as the voltage falls below the lower voltage limit, the MCU switches on the EFOY Jupiter fuel cell. In addition, the MCU offers a web interface for diagnostic and service purposes.

The cabinet also accommodates compressed gas cylinders for storing hydrogen. The quantity of the cylinders can be flexibly adjusted according to requirements and available space and ranges from one to 18 cylinders.

Tank size 6 pcs. H2 bottles 300 l (300 bar) 12 pcs. H2 bottles 600 l (300 bar)
Operating time 43 h @ 2.5 kW 86 h @ 2.5 kW
Nominal Capacity 108 kWh 215 kWh

Technical data EFOY JUPITER 2.5

Power output1 2500 W
Nominal voltage 48 V DC
Supply voltage 40.5 – 57.0 V DC
Weight 27.0 kg
Connectable H₂ bottles The system has one connection. Multiple gas-bottles could be connected.

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