100 % Autonomous and Reliable Power Supply

The Application

Mobile and stationary audio and video surveillance systems are used to ensure physical protection and observation of pipelines and other critical infrastructure.
Energy demand: between 600 and 2400 Wh/day.

The Challenge

Critical infrastructures such as pipelines are often subject to vandalism and theft. In order to position CCTV systems at places where observation is needed an essential exists need for reliable off-grid power, especially in case of no mains grid access. This can result in high cost for grid connection, high administrative effort, and long-term planning.

The Solution

Provide reliable off-grid electrical power with an EFOY Pro or a hybrid power solution by teaming up EFOY Pro fuel cells with your existing solar panels.

The Benefits

Optimized Location of Surveillance Equipment for Higher Security – Locate cameras at places where observation is the most necessary, regardless of grid access, shady trees etc. EFOY Pro fuel cells supply reliable off-grid power and ensure operating safety without limitations.

Reduction of Administrative and Logistics Costs & Effort – EFOY Pro fuel cell is a turnkey energy solution which can be placed on site anywhere outside, in the EFOY ProCube or integrated into existing cabinets.

Long Autonomy and Reliability – EFOY Pro fuel cells offer a maintenance-free off-grid power supply for several months. Up to 50 days of autonomy can be guaranteed when powering a 50 W CCTV application.

Concealed Installation– The EFOY Pro is lightweight, compact and flexible and therefore portable on demand. It can also be easily installed into existing cabinets or outdoor boxes – theft and vandalism proof.