Enhanced Availability of Energy for Operation During Engine Shut-Down Mode

The Application

Onboard devices such as sensors or communication and weapon systems require a continuous power supply. For keeping the batteries charged, usually the engine has to be started. This will create noise and emissions, considerable fuel consumption and may result in a loss of camouflage.

Power demand: 80 W to 300 W peak

The Challenge

For reliable availability of on-board devices in standby mode, an additional power supply is needed, e.g. in vehicles at command post. Batteries as sole energy source will not be sufficient: Due to their limited runtime batteries (24 V @ 45/100 Ah) will soon be discharged. To avoid running out of power, many vehicles today use up to six batteries per vehicle per year. Military generators, which up to now were used for recharging the batteries, are very heavy and generate visible emissions, detectable odors and heat. A generator consumes up to one liter diesel per hour, resulting in an essential requirement for fuel that must be carried along or logistically provided, limiting mobility. Solar panels are often inconvenient and, as sole energy supply, weather dependant and unreliable. If the idling engine is used for recharging the batteries, various engine and gear box parts will be subject to extreme stress and wear from the idle mode – mostly in cold stand. That causes higher maintenance efforts and costs.

The Solution

Integrated into tactical vehicles or in the field, EMILY 3000 provides quiet, continuous and reliable power, fully automatically, without requiring any user intervention. The ruggedized fuel cell power generator provides power for mobile equipment like communication, night-vision and navigation systems and onboard devices – regardless of weather and climate.

The Benefits

  • Reduction of cost and weight: EMILY 3000 is an intelligent and efficient energy supply system that reduce maintenance and operational costs. Weight can be reduced up to 80 percent compared to generators.
  • Long autonomy, extended mission retention time: EMILY 3000 extends the runtime of all devices through fully automatic, efficient recharging of batteries without any emissions and without having to start the engine for recharging. Supply interruptions during operations are eliminated and a reliable and long-term energy supply is guaranteed.
  • Non-detectable: In a distance of seven meters EMILY 3000 is acoustically non observable, compared to a generator they are nearly silent (39 dB(A) in 1 m distance). EMILY 3000 fuel cell operates without producing exhausts and will remain undetectable in reconnaissance applications. This ensures security of operation.

Several hundreds of EMILY fuel cells are already in use within European defense organizations