Coils & linear drives

We co-develop and manufacture high-quality and reliable coils & linear drives.

Co-development with our customers

PBF’s R&D team works in close cooperation with our customers in order to ensure the designed product is feasible for manufacturing and to optimize its quality, price, and performance.

Our strengths are:

  • Single and multilayer orthocyclic winding
  • under vacuum potting
  • Automated testing
  • Optimal price-performance for series production

Extensive experience in winding

PBF has a lot of experience and knowledge in winding and binding coils. We have the following capabilities:

  • Orthocyclic winding with a high fill factor (>95%)
  • Coil winding with one, two or more wires in parallel
  • Single and multi-layer
  • Many different shapes
  • Outside dimensions 1 – 600 mm
  • Wire size 0.04 – 3 mm
  • Round, square or rectangular wire
  • Bending of coils into various shapes

Improving the thermal performance with potting

For our customers who develop coils & linear drives for special operating conditions, potting is used to improve the thermal performance:

  • Under vacuum potting
  • With or without housing
  • Epoxy, polyurethane materials
  • Design casting tools

Our Major Services

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Off-Grid Energy Solutions
Chemical Injection Pumps
SCADA Systems
Back-Up Power
Wind Measurement
Obstacle Lights
Off-Grid Energy Solutions
Power For Military
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